Chaplains International Basic Leadership School (BLS)

Course ID: LEAD210

12-Weeks of  Training
Price: $100 USD / month for 3 months
($300.00 USD Total)

The CI Basic Leader School (BLS), is the first course of study in the Chaplains Internationational non-commissioned officer Education System ( NCOES ). BLS is a 12-Week long course that trains specialists and corporals in the fundamentals of leadership.

BLS Curriculum

Week 1: Leadership Defined
Week 2: The Foundations of Chaplains International Leadership
Week 3: CI Leadership Roles, Leadership Levels, and Leadership Teams
Week 4: CI Leader Character
Week 5: CI Leader Presence
Week 6: CI Leader Intelligence
Week 7: CI Godly Leading
Week 8: Developing of CI Soldiers
Week 9: Achieving in CI
Week 10: Influences on CI Leadership
Week 11: CI Organizational Leadership
Week 12: Strategic Leadership in CI

Sean Alexander



CI Basic Chaplain Training (BCT) Certification