Chaplains International Officer Candidate School (OCS)

Course ID: OCS310

20-Weeks of  Training
Price: $80 USD / month for 5 months
($400.00 USD Total)

Chaplains International ‘s Officer Candidate School ( OCS) is an officer candidate school based out of Bakersfield, CA, that trains, assesses, and evaluates potential commissioned officers of Chaplains International. Officer candidates are former CI enlisted members (E-4 to E-7) who enlist for the “OCS Option” after they complete Basic Chaplains Training (BCT).

OCS Curriculum

Lesson 1: Leadership Defined
Lesson 2: The Foundations of Chaplains International Leadership
Lesson 3: CI Leadership Roles, Leadership Levels, and Leadership Teams
Lesson 4: CI Leader Character
Lesson 5: CI Leader Presence
Lesson 6: CI Leader Intelligence
Lesson 7: CI Godly Leading
Lesson 8: Developing of CI Soldiers
Lesson 9: Achieving in CI
Lesson 10: Influences on CI Leadership
Lesson 11: CI Organizational Leadership
Lesson 12: Strategic Leadership in CI
Lesson 13: Spiritual Warfare Mania

TOPIC A: Spiritual Hostages
TOPIC B: Spoiling Principalities and Powers
TOPIC C: Ridiculous and Unscriptural Behavior
TOPIC D: Why the Preoccupation with Spiritual Warfare?
TOPIC E: Nothing New Under the Sun
TOPIC F: What About Witches
TOPIC G: Biblical Spiritual Warfare
TOPIC H: How Real Warfare Begins
TOPIC I : Dealing with the Wind and the Waves in Your Life
TOPIC J: Spiritual Warfare: A Mental Condition
TOPIC K: A Warning About Spiritual Warfare

Lesson 14: Fleshly Weapons vs. Spiritual Weapons

TOPIC A: Bloodthirsty, Daring, and Committed Men of War
TOPIC B: Spiritual Weapons and Spiritual Strategies
TOPIC C: The Futility of the Flesh
TOPIC D: Weak and Silly Weapons of the Flesh
TOPIC E: What Does the Bible Say About the Purpose of Tongues?
TOPIC F: Touch Not, Taste Not, Handle Not

Lesson 15: Resting in Our Redemption

TOPIC A: Satan’s Slave Market
TOPIC B: Dominated by “the Course of This World” 
TOPIC C: Who is Working Behind the Scenes
TOPIC D: Demonically Energized
TOPIC E: Purchased “Out of” Slavery
TOPIC F: Paying the Demanded Price
TOPIC G: Restored to Full Status
TOPIC H: Translated Out of Satan’s Kingdom

Lesson 16: The Loinbelt of Truth

TOPIC A: Paul’s Expanded Version of Spiritual Armor
TOPIC B: For Review
TOPIC C: The Most Important Weapon
TOPIC D: A Visible Piece of Armor
TOPIC E: The Difference Between Logos and Rhema
TOPIC F: The Only Way to Succeed Spiritually
TOPIC G: How to Walk in Righteousness
TOPIC H: How to Walk in Peace
TOPIC I: How to Walk in Strong Faith
TOPIC J: The Helmet and the Sword
TOPIC K: Winning or Losing Is Your Choice
TOPIC L: The Reproductive Ability of God
TOPIC M: The Major Mistake Believers Make
TOPIC N: The Psalmist Who Understood the Centrality of the Word
TOPIC O: The Key to Victory and Success
TOPIC P: The Word’s Best Advice
TOPIC Q: The Way to Win

Lesson 17: The Breastplate of Righteousness

TOPIC A: The Beauty of the Breastplate
TOPIC B: Someone Wants to Hurt You
TOPIC C: The Correct Attitude for Warfare
TOPIC D: Scriptures on Righteousness
TOPIC E: A New Source of Confidence
TOPIC F: Powerless Religion vs. Powerful Religion
TOPIC G: Righteousness: A Defensive Weapon
TOPIC H: Righteousness: An Offensive Weapon

Lesson 18: Shoes of Peace

TOPIC A: Two Kinds of Peace
TOPIC B: Dominating Peace
TOPIC C: Peace: A Defensive Weapon
TOPIC D: How Peace Protects You
TOPIC E: Protection from the Devil’s Attacks
TOPIC F: How to Set a Guard Around Your Heart
TOPIC G: Spikes for Standing Firmly

Lesson 19: The Shield of Faith

TOPIC A: The Shield of Faith
TOPIC B: How to Care for Your Shield of Faith
TOPIC C: What Does “Above All” Mean?
TOPIC D: The Purpose of the Shield of Faith
TOPIC E: The Fiery Darts of the Wicked
TOPIC F: Fire that Stirs the Vilest Passions
TOPIC G: Who is Responsible for Failure?
TOPIC H: Quenching, Extinguishing, and Ricocheting Faith
TOPIC I: Corporate Faith in the Local Church
TOPIC J: Does Your Shield Have Cracks?
TOPIC K: If Your Faith Needs Anointing
TOPIC L: In Conclusion

Lesson 20: The Helmet of Salvation

TOPIC A: The Helmet of Salvation
TOPIC B: God’s Most Gorgeous Gift
TOPIC C: Armed and Dangerous
TOPIC D: Playing Mind Games with the Devil
TOPIC E: What is a Stronghold? 
TOPIC F: Two Kinds of Strongholds
TOPIC G: What is Oppression
TOPIC H: Salvation Protects Your Mind
TOPIC I: What Is a Sound Mind
TOPIC J: What Does the Word “Salvation” Mean? 
TOPIC K: A Transformed Mind

Bonus 1: The Sword of the Spirit

TOPIC A: The Machaira Sword of the Roman Soldier
TOPIC B: What is a Rhema? 
TOPIC C: The Sword and the Loinbelt
TOPIC D: What Is a Two-Edged Sword? 
TOPIC E: Meditation and Confession
TOPIC F: How to Hear From God
TOPIC G: When Jesus Needed a Sword
TOPIC H: A Sure-Fire Guarantee!

Bonus 2: The Lance of Prayer and Supplication

TOPIC A: Various Kinds of Lances
TOPIC B: Various Kinds of Prayer
TOPIC C: How Often Should We Pray?
TOPIC D: Six Kinds of Prayer for the Believer
TOPIC E: A Final Word

Sean Alexander



CI Basic Chaplain Training (BCT) Certification