Chaplains International Warrant Officer Candidate School (WOCS)

Course ID: WOCS311

20-Weeks of  Training
Price: $80 USD / month for 5 months
($400.00 USD Total)

WOCS is a rigorous twenty-week course designed to train, assess, evaluate, and develop Warrant Officers.

The course is designed to provide a base to assist in the development of Chaplains International Warrant Officers into self–aware and adaptive technical experts, trainers, mentors, and advisors to both soldiers and commanders.

Later, through progressive levels of expertise in assignments, training, and education, Warrant Officers administer, manage, maintain, operate, and integrate CI systems and equipment across the full-spectrum of Chaplains International operations.

Warrant officers in the Chaplains International are accessed with specific levels of technical ability. They refine their technical expertise and develop their leadership and management skills through tiered progressive assignments and education.

WOCS focuses on Officer training and candidates serve in various student leadership positions throughout the course. The course includes classroom instruction focusing on officership, Chaplains International history, problem solving, professional development, and other topics.

WOCS Curriculum

Lesson 1: Leadership Defined
Lesson 2: The Foundations of Chaplains International Leadership
Lesson 3: CI Leadership Roles, Leadership Levels, and Leadership Teams
Lesson 4: CI Leader Character
Lesson 5: CI Leader Presence
Lesson 6: CI Leader Intelligence
Lesson 7: CI Godly Leading
Lesson 8: Developing of CI Soldiers
Lesson 9: Achieving in CI
Lesson 10: Influences on CI Leadership
Lesson 11: CI Organizational Leadership
Lesson 12: Strategic Leadership in CI
Lesson 13: Spiritual Warfare Mania

TOPIC A: Spiritual Hostages
TOPIC B: Spoiling Principalities and Powers
TOPIC C: Ridiculous and Unscriptural Behavior
TOPIC D: Why the Preoccupation with Spiritual Warfare?
TOPIC E: Nothing New Under the Sun
TOPIC F: What About Witches
TOPIC G: Biblical Spiritual Warfare
TOPIC H: How Real Warfare Begins
TOPIC I : Dealing with the Wind and the Waves in Your Life
TOPIC J: Spiritual Warfare: A Mental Condition
TOPIC K: A Warning About Spiritual Warfare

Lesson 14: Fleshly Weapons vs. Spiritual Weapons

TOPIC A: Bloodthirsty, Daring, and Committed Men of War
TOPIC B: Spiritual Weapons and Spiritual Strategies
TOPIC C: The Futility of the Flesh
TOPIC D: Weak and Silly Weapons of the Flesh
TOPIC E: What Does the Bible Say About the Purpose of Tongues?
TOPIC F: Touch Not, Taste Not, Handle Not

Lesson 15: Resting in Our Redemption

TOPIC A: Satan’s Slave Market
TOPIC B: Dominated by “the Course of This World” 
TOPIC C: Who is Working Behind the Scenes
TOPIC D: Demonically Energized
TOPIC E: Purchased “Out of” Slavery
TOPIC F: Paying the Demanded Price
TOPIC G: Restored to Full Status
TOPIC H: Translated Out of Satan’s Kingdom

Lesson 16: The Loinbelt of Truth

TOPIC A: Paul’s Expanded Version of Spiritual Armor
TOPIC B: For Review
TOPIC C: The Most Important Weapon
TOPIC D: A Visible Piece of Armor
TOPIC E: The Difference Between Logos and Rhema
TOPIC F: The Only Way to Succeed Spiritually
TOPIC G: How to Walk in Righteousness
TOPIC H: How to Walk in Peace
TOPIC I: How to Walk in Strong Faith
TOPIC J: The Helmet and the Sword
TOPIC K: Winning or Losing Is Your Choice
TOPIC L: The Reproductive Ability of God
TOPIC M: The Major Mistake Believers Make
TOPIC N: The Psalmist Who Understood the Centrality of the Word
TOPIC O: The Key to Victory and Success
TOPIC P: The Word’s Best Advice
TOPIC Q: The Way to Win

Lesson 17: The Breastplate of Righteousness

TOPIC A: The Beauty of the Breastplate
TOPIC B: Someone Wants to Hurt You
TOPIC C: The Correct Attitude for Warfare
TOPIC D: Scriptures on Righteousness
TOPIC E: A New Source of Confidence
TOPIC F: Powerless Religion vs. Powerful Religion
TOPIC G: Righteousness: A Defensive Weapon
TOPIC H: Righteousness: An Offensive Weapon

Lesson 18: Shoes of Peace

TOPIC A: Two Kinds of Peace
TOPIC B: Dominating Peace
TOPIC C: Peace: A Defensive Weapon
TOPIC D: How Peace Protects You
TOPIC E: Protection from the Devil’s Attacks
TOPIC F: How to Set a Guard Around Your Heart
TOPIC G: Spikes for Standing Firmly

Lesson 19: The Shield of Faith

TOPIC A: The Shield of Faith
TOPIC B: How to Care for Your Shield of Faith
TOPIC C: What Does “Above All” Mean?
TOPIC D: The Purpose of the Shield of Faith
TOPIC E: The Fiery Darts of the Wicked
TOPIC F: Fire that Stirs the Vilest Passions
TOPIC G: Who is Responsible for Failure?
TOPIC H: Quenching, Extinguishing, and Ricocheting Faith
TOPIC I: Corporate Faith in the Local Church
TOPIC J: Does Your Shield Have Cracks?
TOPIC K: If Your Faith Needs Anointing
TOPIC L: In Conclusion

Lesson 20: The Helmet of Salvation

TOPIC A: The Helmet of Salvation
TOPIC B: God’s Most Gorgeous Gift
TOPIC C: Armed and Dangerous
TOPIC D: Playing Mind Games with the Devil
TOPIC E: What is a Stronghold? 
TOPIC F: Two Kinds of Strongholds
TOPIC G: What is Oppression
TOPIC H: Salvation Protects Your Mind
TOPIC I: What Is a Sound Mind
TOPIC J: What Does the Word “Salvation” Mean? 
TOPIC K: A Transformed Mind

Bonus 1: The Sword of the Spirit

TOPIC A: The Machaira Sword of the Roman Soldier
TOPIC B: What is a Rhema? 
TOPIC C: The Sword and the Loinbelt
TOPIC D: What Is a Two-Edged Sword? 
TOPIC E: Meditation and Confession
TOPIC F: How to Hear From God
TOPIC G: When Jesus Needed a Sword
TOPIC H: A Sure-Fire Guarantee!

Bonus 2: The Lance of Prayer and Supplication

TOPIC A: Various Kinds of Lances
TOPIC B: Various Kinds of Prayer
TOPIC C: How Often Should We Pray?
TOPIC D: Six Kinds of Prayer for the Believer
TOPIC E: A Final Word

Sean Alexander



CI Basic Chaplain Training (BCT) Certification