COCW Deacon Training

Ordained deacons possess a gift for ministry and a passion for love, justice and service. They connect the church with the neediest, most neglected, and most marginalized of God’s children.

In this program be you’ll provide deaconate training that is rich in compassion and justice. Your guidance will impact your community and will help your community members discover and develop their faith.

COCW Deacons are persons called by God, authorized by the church, and ordained by a bishop to serve a lifetime ministry of Word and Service to their community and congregation. Deacons are teachers, leaders, and Congregation of Christ Worldwide​ then let’s get started with your mission and journey.

COCW Deacon Training Curriculum
Lesson 1: Introduction to the Deaconate
Lesson 2: Decision Making and the Will of God
Lesson 3: Catechism - Part 1
Lesson 4: Understand Your Work as a Deacon
Lesson 5: Money Matters
Lesson 6: Catechism - Part 2
Lesson 7: Deacon Administration
Lesson 8: Forgiveness
Lesson 9: Catechism - Part 3
  • The Three Building Blocks Needed to Build a Relationship During Counseling
  • How to Empathize with Others
  • Use Appropriate Non-Verbal Communication
Lesson 10: The Church Needs Servant Models
Lesson 11: Anger
Lesson 12: Deacons Model Growth Toward Mature Faith
Lesson 13: Catechism - Part 4
Lesson 14: Deacons Model Christian Family Life
Lesson 15: Depression
Lesson 16: Catechism - Part 5
Lesson 17: Deacons Model Personal and Public Morality
Lesson 18: Addictions
Lesson 19: Deacons Model a Life Accepted by God
Lesson 20: Death
Lesson 21: Deacons Model Ministry as Partners
Lesson 22: Grief and Loss
Lesson 23: Deacons Model Care for Families
Lesson 24: Bitterness
Lesson 25: Deacons Model Proclamation of the Gospel
Lesson 26: Domestic Violence
Lesson 27: Deacons Model Christian Leadership
Lesson 28: Fear and Anxiety
Lesson 29: Serve as a Partner with Your Pastor
Lesson 30: Divorce
Lesson 31: Translate Qualifications into Service
Lesson 32: Self-Esteem
Lesson 33: Sharpen Your Skills for Deacon Service
Lesson 34: Spiritual Warfare
Lesson 35: Become a Caring Witness
Lesson 36: Abortion
Lesson 37: Support Your Church and Denomination
Lesson 38: Aging
Lesson 39: Grow as a Christian Steward
Lesson 40: Burnout
Lesson 41: Magnify Christ in Your Home
Lesson 42: Adultery
Lesson 43: Know the How and Why of Deacon Work
Lesson 44: Workaholism
Final Examination
Ordination to the Deaconate